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ArtDesign FrameWork is PHP FrameWork, which provides extremely powerful tools for your Web Project
MVC - Model, View, Controller
Auto Loader
Management of input data - GET (SEO URL - one/two/three, Old URL - ?param1=one&param2=two&param3=three), POST
Normalization of input data - int, float, double, bool, string, trim, spaces, xss
Default values of input data (if they are not defined)
Sessions Management - choice between Native Sessions and DataBase Sessions
Databases Management
DataBase - Prepared Statements
DataBase - Select, Insert, Update, Delete
DataBase - Management of tree structures
DataBase Tree - Select, Select Children Elements, Get Depth Node, Get Parent ID, Select Parent Element, Select Tree Path, Get Number Of All Children Elements, Get Number Of Children Elements (Only Level 0), Get ID Of All Children Elements, Insert, Update, Delete, Copy, Move Element, Change Position All Children
View - Template System, Layout System


    //Before HTML Code
    $ArtDesignPath= "/Path/To/ArtDesign/PHP/";
    include $ArtDesignPath . "ArtDesign.php";
    $Settings = array(
        "BasePath" => "/"
    $ArtDesign = \ArtDesign\ArtDesign::GetInstance($Settings);