ArtDesign Button


ArtDesign Button is a JavaScript PlugIn, which transform into a button every single web element such as div, link, form button, span, input (for upload file) and etc.
Full support of all modern web browsers
Full style control only with JavaScript, without using CSS
Full style control - Size (width, height), Margin and Padding, Background (background color, gradient), Shadow (outer, inner), Border (width, color, radius), Text and Icon (font, size, color)
Set the style with attributes
Set multiple styles to one element, each of them overwrites the previous
Opportunity to define an unlimited number of own styles
Switching mode
Disable mode
Hover / click animations
Listening for click events
Listening for external changes
Listening for attribute changes


Div Button
Link Button Span Button
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Right Icon | Border Radius | Outer Shadow | Inner Shadow | Red | Pink | Purple | DeepPurple | Indigo | Blue | LightBlue | Cyan | Teal | Green | LightGreen | Lime | Yellow | Amber | Orange | DeepOrange | Brown | Grey | BlueGrey
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Disable | External Disable | Switch | External Switch | Event | Delay Click
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